Heuer Game-Master*** Military Stopwatch*** 1960's
HEUER Game-Master MILITARY, 1960’s
Serial: 460722
Circa: 1960’s
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CASE: 52mm, stainless steel with start/stop button, reset (screw-lock protection) and screw crown at 3 o’clock to lock and unlock the inner bezel minutes ring.

DIAL: White Dial with Heuer logo & GAME-MASTER MILITARY, central 0-60 minute register. Dial reading indicates elapsed time; remaining time can be read on 60 minute turning inner bezel

MOVEMENT: Heuer Caliber 7710, center minute chronograph mechanism, 7 jewels

BRACELET: Nylon strap

CONDITION REPORT: Nicely aged and original condition

NOTES: In 1959, Heuer introduced its wrist stopwatches on bracelets and were the first on the market. The main customers for these were rally drivers, referees and coaches. Often referred to as ‘coach’ watches, these stopwatches do not indicate the time, but were often worn daily by coaches.
Because of the bracelet, these were ideal for drivers especially as they could time events on their wrist while driving and keep an eye on their time. The reset button on these models could be screw-locked in order to avoid accidental resetting.
These original models were produced until 1964.