Eterna KonTiki*** Israel Special Forces*** 1970's
ETERNA KonTiki Super Dive Watch, Israel Special Forces Shayetet 13, Circa 1970
Serial: Military Issue # 377501 Case serial 5943873
Circa: 1970
Reference No.: 1000 894

CASE: 41mm Stainless Steel, mineral crystal, screw down caseback

DIAL: Black dial with date aperture at 3 o’clock

MOVEMENT: Caliber 12824, automatic, 25 jewels

BRACELET: NSA bracelet signed Eterna with stretch buckle (full links)

CONDITION REPORT: Original great condition and unpolished, but used case. Excellent condition for a military issue watch from the 1970’s.

During the 1970s the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) elite Naval Commando unit,Shayetet 13, were issued the Eterna-Matic KonTiki Super dive watch. Designated and trained to conduct naval raids and underwater special warfare missions, Shayetet 13 also is an elite Counter-Terror unit which specializes in covert ops deep within enemy territory. S-13 distinguished themselves during the 1973 Yom Kippur War by finding and destroying several Egyptian torpedo boats with limpet mines, clearing the way for an Israeli armored force landing in Egypt the next day.
The engravings on the caseback clearly identify these watches as belonging to, and issued by, the IDF. These markings, being in Hebrew, read from right to left and begins with the letter that resembles a ” y “ – the letter is Tzade in Hebrew and represents the word ” Tzahal ” : the acronym for Tzvah Hagana L’Israel – Israel Defense Forces. Following is the serial number for each particular watch. The lower portion of the caseback is marked with letters “mem” , “samech” and then “Kuf” , “tet” – short for catalog number ; followed by the parts / catalog number.